Hurrah, it’s 2017

Hurrah, it’s 2017

I’ve started the new year, as I always do, with a four-step process: 1. Calculate my tax bill 2. Cry myself to sleep 3. Wake up and think about how a big tax bill means it’s been a good year, so I shouldn’t be too down about it So here’s hoping...

I’ve had a stinkin’ cold all week

And I’m thoroughly miffed about it. I’m not taking days off, mind. Speak to me on the phone and I’ll be the same a ray of sunshine as always. But here, in the office/home, it’s been a grim week. I just poured myself a glass of water and put it...

Been crazy busy lately

And not just with work – Birthdays too. About 80% of the birthdays in my family fall within two months in late summer. Luckily, having a creative mind makes it much easier to think of gift ideas. mpc