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Hi, I'm

Word Nerd
Matt questions each brief to within an inch of its life, writes with a heady mix of clarity and creativity, and doesn’t put his pen down until he knows you’re happy.
— Nick Padmore, Creative Director at The Writer

I’m here to vanquish bland writing.

Bland writing is just information – a dreary flow of data, lost in the sea of people saying the same or similar.

But great writing? That’s what makes you stand out. Great writing has personality. It pops. It’s what gives people that instinctive, gut feeling that you’re the one they want to do business with.

Great writing inspires people to trust you, to remember you, and quite simply: to like you.

Whatever makes you or your business brilliant, make it shine through in every word you write. 

I’m a freelance writer and consultant from the sunny(ish) south coast of England.

For me, good writing isn’t ‘one size fits all’. It’s carefully tailored to you. 

Maybe you just need your writing to be clear, concise and functional. Maybe you want to be persuasive, playful, authoritative or provocative. That’s what I’m here for – to help you get your message across.

If you want to know the academic stuff: I have a degree in film studies (major movie geek, me) from Roehampton University and a masters degree in creative writing from the University of Portsmouth.

And this is my website (ta-da!). Make yourself at home and have a browse.