I make your writing reflect your personality

I make your writing reflect your personality

Working with Matt was the best investment I ever made for my career. I got my dream job and some great coaching tips on my writing style along the way too.
— Katrina Neal, Content Marketing Evangelist, Storyteller and Speaker

Need your letters to sound more down to earth and friendly?

Need some serious techno-jargon translated for the average Joe?

Need your web content to sound a bit more upbeat and playful?

Just tell me specifically what you want to say and how you want to say it. I can either write it from scratch or give your writing a makeover. Whatever you need.

But MPC, I bet you haven’t written for huge international brands and businesses


I most certainly have.

Here are some examples of projects I’ve worked on in the last few years. My clients’ names are often confidential, but you can check out the ‘what my clients say’ page to hear my project managers saying lovely things about me.

  • I created tone of voice guidelines for the housing association, Abri. The organisation had sprung into existence after a merger, and they needed clear, friendly tone with a bit of a twist to make them stand out. As part of a two-consultant team, I got to know them in-depth and crafted the tone of voice their 1,500+ employees now use across the entire organisation. 
  • I worked on a massive letter rewrite for the Nursing and Midwifery Council. When I say massive, I mean ‘150,000 words in three months’ massive. I teamed up with Marianne at IdeasEtcetera and worked as senior writer and consultant. Against very intimidating deadlines, we got the whole job done and went on to help NMC with their training and campaigns.
  • I wrote packaging and web descriptions for a new range of hair, fragrance and shower products for a huge men’s cosmetics brand. Unless you live in an igloo, you can probably find that very range at your local supermarket.
  • I was on a team of three writers that reworked a bid for a £10m per year audit contract with one of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies. Sure enough, our client won that bid. I worked with The Writer on that job, and I’ve got a recommendation from them on my ‘what my clients say’ page. With The Writer, I’ve also written for some of the UK’s biggest banks, utility companies and cosmetics brands.
  • I wrote the web copy and tone of voice guidelines for Elysian. They’re the type of consultancy that would’ve previously been called a recruitment firm. But they do so much more than that. They’re brimming with talent, passion and creativity – I crafted the tone of voice to help them get those qualities across in everything they write.
  • I did some huge letter rewrites for Arun District Council. The benefits letters they were sending to elderly customers were about as friendly and readable as a metaphysics dissertation. After the MPC treatment though, those letters sound like they were written by a friendly human – with a nice, clear structure and good ol’ plain English.
  • I edited a report for City, University of London, reflecting on the achievements of their Centre for Food Policy. It’s 30 pages and 15,000 words long – quite a beast. I worked on this for Fabrik Brands, whose design work is gorgeous.
  • I’ve written CVs for an endlessly diverse list of professionals – from content marketers and HR consultants to head chefs and software sellers. Even among top pros, CVs tend to be impersonal, buzzwordy and bland. When you write them with clarity, personality and a sense of story, the results can be pretty spectacular.
  • I regularly ghost-write blogs for GameAnalytics and JoyPac – two jolly fine groups of people who help mobile game developers reach the top of the app stores.
  • I edited an aerospace brochure for one of the world’s biggest aluminium manufacturers. You know you’ve got an awesome job when you get paid to write about spaceships.