I like to think I'm pretty damn good at what I do. But don't just take my word for it – here's what my clients say about working with me.

I’ve worked on a lot of different projects for a lot of different clients. Here’s what they say about me.

I’m always delighted to work with Matt because I know he’ll come back with clever, creative work that hits the brief with flair. He makes projects easy by delivering exactly what’s asked of him and usually a lot more.

He asks the right questions and digs into the detail to make sure he’s giving clients the best possible results. He’s also a brilliant all-rounder – working successfully on everything from customer comms to creative concepts. All that, and he’s a really nice chap too.

Marianne Powell

Director, IdeasEtcetera

Working with Matt was a breeze. He asks the right questions, challenges you in all the right ways and really gets under the skin of your brand. He’s friendly, supportive and clearly knows his stuff. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Matt to help create brand tone and language on future projects.

Victoria Reave

Brand Consultant, Ramp Growth

I have nothing but good things to say about Matt. As a writer, he got me immediately – he’s totally up for feedback and works around the clock to get you the best content.

He needs you to be engaged in the process so that he can do the best job, so don’t expect to just send the brief and leave it at that. But because of that you get a great product and he is lovely to work with – I couldn’t recommend him highly enough!

Jemma Gajic

'Chief Everything Officer', Elysian

I’ve worked with Matt for years. When we worked together for a quirky hair-gel brand, I was laughing all the way through. When we worked together creating blogs, I was riveted to the very end. When we had to explain a complicated topic, I understood.

There’s perhaps no higher compliment I can give: Matt writes what the client needs. Every. Time. Why? Because he cares. He asks the right questions, and really gets to know you inside out. And it’s not just my opinion. While at The Writer, you’d hear the project managers rejoicing when they heard he was available for their work. I’d hear fellow writers saying: ‘Oh, yes! I’m working with Matt. This is going to be a breeze!’ Or ‘Yeah, I’ve got Matt. It’ll only take me five minutes to check his work. It’s always perfect.’

That’s what it’s like working with Matt: a joy.

Lewis Dowling

Senior Copywriter and Consultant, Freelance (formerly of The Writer)

I’ve worked with Matt a few times now, as have other members of the team here. He fits our philosophy – always probing, asking questions and wanting to understand the brief before he gets started. His copy gets straight to the point and he’s shown enough versatility to be able to cope with anything we’ve thrown at him. Whether that’s writing cracking headlines, intros or making body copy stand off the page, nothing seems to phase him. I’ve had great feedback internally from the team about him too.

We also appreciate Matt’s open and unassuming nature. He’s willing to listen, to understand the client’s perspective and always keeps a positive approach – something we look for in any creative partner. Would happily recommend him and look forward to working with him again soon.

Steve Harvey

Co-Founder, Fabrik Brands

Some writers take a brief, write something passable and put their feet up.

Matt’s not one of those writers. He’s got way too much integrity for that.

He questions the brief to within an inch of its life, writes with a heady mix of clarity and creativity, and doesn’t put his pen down until he knows you’re happy.

He also hardly needs any babysitting, and he’s great at taking feedback (although we hardly ever have very much for him).

Nick Padmore

Creative Director, The Writer

I pride myself on being a direct person. But this didn’t come through in my writing style. My LinkedIn profile sucked. After 8 months of applying for positions with no joy I needed help to stand out from the crowd. So I called Matt. 

He impressed me immediately by wanting to talk to me. In person. How retro I thought! Not at all like other cv writing services I had tried, which all ended in misery.

So we started work to find my voice. He looked at my existing profile. We discussed the tone of voice I was looking for – bold and direct. Matt saved me from a verbose and passive way of writing. With his help, we wrote a covering letter for a position I was looking at.

What happened? I got a reply within 7hrs for my first interview. During the interview, they called out my cover letter. They said it wasn’t the usual bland cover letter they often get. I stood out from the crowd and they just had to talk to me.

Working with Matt was the best investment I ever made for my career. I got my dream job and some great coaching tips on my writing style along the way too.

Katrina Neal

Content Marketing Evangelist | Storyteller | Speaker, Freelance

Matt can turn his brain to anything, whether that’s huge batches of letters for a utilities company to packaging for men’s cosmetics. He somehow manages to combine an impressive eye for the technical details with a bucketload of creativity.But what really impresses is his ideas and research skills; Matt’s no writing-bot; he’ll test the system he’s writing about, ask good questions on calls, and suggest ways to improve quality and save time. Our creative directors love his style, and we’ve always been able to rely on the quality of his work to make our clients happy.

And you couldn’t hope to meet a nicer chap.

Jude Collins

Project Manager, The Writer, London