Good news, bloglets.

Some months after I wrote my blog ASMR – The sad story of CuteBunny992 I had an email.

It was from the mythical Marianne herself. And she sent a photo to prove it.



She’s 22 now and is happy, working and studying. She says she often thinks about coming back to YouTube but that she doesn’t think she will. She also says (excitingly) that she’d like to do a guest appearance on another ASMRtist’s channel.

So to any ASMRtists reading this now: make it happen!

Marianne says she is happy for me to share her emails with the community, so here they are in full – the truth about CuteBunny992. Straight from the lady herself:

* * *

Hello Matt,

My name is Marianne I was cutebunny992 on YouTube!
I stumbled upon your article about me and I must say that I feel so honoured that you spent time to write such nice things for me.
You must know that leaving the ASMR community was my decision. I was not hacked twice. 
The person that helped me get my account back was the actual hacker and he stalked me on my personal Facebook for months. Nevertheless, I then decided to close all my accounts and keep on with my life away from everything online.
I am 22 now, working and studying and enjoying my life! I always think of going back to doing ASMR videos but now it’s too late! Everyone is so good at it and I have nothing different to offer.

Thank you again for devoting time for me! Have a nice day 🙂


* * *

Hello Matt, 

I am not mythical … I am just a person 🙂 and a pretty ordinary one as well.
I have thought of coming back many times but unfortunately I can’t get that courage anymore. I am too scared of something happening again. However, I would love to be part of a video of someone else’s channel .. As a guest 🙂 that way I could show everyone that I am ok. 
Again thank you so much for your lovely words.

PS. I have attached a photo of me showing you that it is really me 🙂

Marianne x